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Jordan West


Jordan started his recruiting career as an Assistant Football Coach and Regional Recruiter for Davidson College before transitioning into agency recruiting at Pace and Jacobs. He’s worked as an executive recruiter across the chemical and supply chain industries, and brings deep strategy and determination to the Will Reed team. 

Take a quick look at Jordan’s LinkedIn profile, and you’ll see he’s got a laundry list of candidates singing his praises and talking about his uncanny ability to match skill sets with unique opportunities. 

Jordan currently resides in College Station, Texas with his wife Dallas, who is a veterinary resident at Texas A&M.



What's your secret operations weapon?

What is your secret recruiting weapon?

Work ethic; identifying the most strategic hires and doing what it takes to connect them to amazing opportunities!


What can we find you doing on Saturday morning?

Weightlifting, running or something active.

What's the biggest strength you bring to the Will Reed team?

love coaching and being an extra pair of eyes, ears, and hands when something/someone is in need.