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Kelly Schulze

Senior Associate

Kelly is an NCAA D1 softball player. After graduating from UC Davis, she started her career in recruiting and might be one of the most connected people in the startup tech ecosystem. An eternal athlete, she brings grit, drive, stamina, strategy and teamwork to everything she does! 

She spent almost seven years at TheLions, helping some of the tech industry’s biggest players (e.g. Amplitude, Lattice, Plaid, Samsara, etc.) scale their go-to-market teams and now leads a team of Executive Recruiters at Will Reed. Her network, coupled with her deep understanding of the SaaS industry, make her an invaluable asset to early-stage founders and candidates alike. 

After two plus decades in California, Kelly now resides in Austin, Texas with her boyfriend Matt and their bevy of fur children: Chill Bill, Jean-Claude and Steve French.



What's your secret operations weapon?

What is your secret recruiting weapon?

I authentically enjoy helping others, and I have deep knowledge of the SaaS ecosystem.


What can we find you doing on Saturday morning?

Drinking coffee and watching TV or listening to a podcast with my fur babies.

What's the biggest strength you bring to the Will Reed team?

Being a team player. I genuinely want my team to succeed! I also have an elephant-like memory, which benefits everyone.