5 Keys to Understanding AppDynamics for the Everygirl and Everyman


It all begins with a single touch of a button, click of a mouse, swipe of a card and millions of lines of code are sent to multiple platforms spanning the entirety of a business. Imagine if even just one of these platforms were to fail or if some combination of them were to slow down? You can see how it could cause a serious problem, especially as the importance, volume, and complexity of code increases over time. This is what the founder of AppDynamics, Jyoti Bansal, observed as he began developing an application and business monitoring platform to allow businesses a single view of user experience by tracing applications' code execution.

Because of its wide range of capabilities across a business, I have broken down the AppDynamics software into 5 bite-sized pieces for the everygirl and everyman (not just the super smart developers and IT teams) to understand.

  1. VISIBILITYAppDynamics offers one view of all business transactions. In other words, this software has eyeballs on all applications an enterprise is running and presents insights in one place.

  2. IMPLEMENTATIONAppDynamics is easy to implement. In a case study involving The World Bank, employees were able to implement the APM tool the day that it was delivered. AppDynamics can be employed over multiple different environments allowing an easy transition, from start-ups to enterprises.

  3. MONITORINGAppDynamics identifies problems before they are problems. The AppDynamics software proactively watches a company's applications to avoid crisis by detecting performance issues as soon as degradation occurs but before it can rise to an outage.

  4. REACTIONIn case of emergency, AppDynamics assists in repair. Along with monitoring, the APM also has the ability to assist in troubleshooting during critical application failures by showing teams the relevant information about system performance related to a poor user experience.

  5. INNOVATIONAppDynamics continually adapts to technological demands. As consumerism is becoming consistently more dependent on technology, AppDynamics allows for quick innovation. The tool causes no disruption and can be easily implemented to any environment from hybrid to multi-cloud.

AppDynamics acts as a high-value, easy-to-implement system that provides insight into the entirety of a business’ application platform, which usually requires multiple tools to piece together. With AppDynamics, customer experiences and business outcomes are transparent, easy to access, and easy to improve.  

If you would like to learn more about AppDynamics' product, click here.

Below are some of our favorite AppDynamics Customer Case Studies:

A special thank you to Mitch Mecum and Lee Cothran at AppDynamics for their contributions.

Written by Jami Albert. Jami was a Fellow in the inaugural Women’s Sales Fellowship hosted by Will Reed in 2018.

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