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Ever since opening their Dallas doors in 2011, AppDynamics has been rapidly growing their Texas sales office. Over the last seven years, the team has quadrupled in size.

Stephen Haltom, one of the first Dallas employees gave us a behind-the-scenes look into the Dallas office's explosive growth story.

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Who is in the AppDynamics Dallas office?

Over 100 employees walk through the doors of the AppDynamics Dallas office each morning. This sales-centric office is divided into two major teams: inside and commercial.

The inside sales team focuses on strategically prospecting, providing qualified leads and supporting sales processes for the commercial team. The inside sales team makes up 70% of the office. This includes: inside sales leaders, Sales Development Reps, Business Development Reps, Sales Engineers, Sales Operations, Renewals, IT, and Customer Support. The other 30% of the Dallas office sits on the commercial team as Territory Sales Reps or Corporate Account Executives.

What is it like to work in the AppDynamics Dallas office?

It only takes a quick look at AppDynamics’ Glassdoor page to see employees praising the Dallas leadership team and office culture. The reviews highlight service-oriented leaders, investment in employees, and a product that is a step above the rest.

Here is what a few of the Dallas "AppDynamos" had to say:

  • Lily Anderson, Corporate Account Executive: “As a career-changer and new to AppDynamics, I have a fresh new perspective on my career!  I am learning and growing at such a fast pace. Every day I look forward to going to the office—who says that?!  My colleagues are awesome and want to see others succeed. I feel appreciated with my unique gifts. The Dallas Office does a great job of collaborating and creating a family-like culture." 

  • Nohely Torres, Customer Success Representative: “The collaboration that happens in the AppDynamics Dallas office is unique. Our team (Renewals) is technically in Customer Success, but is also a part of sales, so I enjoy the balance of ensuring our customers are happy and getting to work closely with our Account Managers when we identify opportunities for growth."

When did the AppDynamics Dallas office start? 

It has been seven years since AppDynamics planted roots here in Texas. Stephen was the first sales operations employee in the Dallas office. He recalls joining a small office nestled in the Shops at Legacy in Plano.

“There were fifteen Sales Reps, three Sales Engineers... and me. That’s all we had.” Reflecting on those early years, Stephen laughed, “One person used to pick up all of our lunches -- I can’t say that would be possible anymore.”

In 2015, AppDynamics moved into its current Addison office. From nineteen people in 2013, to filling out a 15,000 square-foot office space in 2018, this Texas team has quadrupled in size.

Where is the AppDynamics Dallas office headed? 

On March 27, 2017, Cisco completed its acquisition of AppDynamics for $3.7B. This acquisition has brought many exciting things to the Dallas office.

In February of 2019, the AppDynamics team will be moving from Addison to the Cisco campus in Richardson. “We are taking our culture with us and glad to be in a place where we have more room to grow,” said Stephen.

In the wake of this move, the goal is to double their office headcount by July 2019. With new hires on the horizon, AppDynamics will focus on actively investing in their Territory Rep team.

Why did Stephen pick AppDynamics? 

An accounting major with a knack for operations, Stephen graduated from Texas A&M University and started his career at a tax firm in Dallas. After six months, Stephen realized he had the skill set and the passion to make a big impact in a startup environment. However, as a recent college grad, he was unsure of how to make this dream come to fruition.

Enter Will May. Stephen's friend Will had recently starting working as a sales rep for AppDynamics, a new tech startup with an office in Dallas. Will suggested Stephen apply for an operations role on their growing team, and after interviewing, Stephen set forth to build his career in the tech industry. [Will May is now the Vice President of Worldwide Inside Sales.] 

Five years later, Stephen is the Director of Sales Operations and has played an integral role in scaling the Dallas office. During his time at AppDynamics, Stephen says the most rewarding part has been working alongside the sales team to ensure their personal and professional success.

Significant AppDynamics Dallas Moments

  • 2015: AppDynamics grew out of the original Plano office and moved to a state-of-the-art facility in Addison where they still are today.

  • 2016: The AppDynamics Dallas office won the Sales Bootcamp MVP award putting the Dallas success on the map globally.

  • 2017: The first $1M deal was closed in the Dallas office (which is uniquely large for a sales process run completely from the inside). Since then, eight more $1M+ deals have been closed.

  • 2017: One of the first Dallas employees, Will May, began as a sales rep five years ago. Will was quickly promoted to Manager, Director, Senior Director, and now currently holds the title of the Vice President of Worldwide Inside Sales for AppDynamics. Will's promotion in 2017 was a big moment for the Dallas office.

  • 2018: Seven Territory Reps were promoted into the field because of their success.

On January 12, 2015, AppDynamics opened up a massive office in Texas to coincide with the hyper-growth of the company.

Written by Tori Forbess. Tori was a Fellow in the inaugural Women’s Sales Fellowship hosted by Will Reed in 2018.

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