A Day in the Life at AppDynamics


As a senior at Baylor University, Dom Steinmann had a competitive job offer with a Fortune 50 company in Houston. Three months before graduation, his wife got a last-minute offer to help start a company in Dallas. After great consideration, he turned down his own offer and followed his wife to Dallas, starting the job search all over again. Dom connected with fellow Baylor grad, Will May, to explore a conversation about joining the AppDynamics sales team.

In May 2016, Dom officially joined the AppDynamics family as one of its first Sales Development Reps. Shortly thereafter, AppDynamics was acquired by Cisco for $3.8B, and Dom laughs, “We like to call ourselves the best-funded startup.” With this acquisition, Dom has gotten to see how the extra Cisco resources have helped reach more companies with the “best-in-class APM solution and allowed for R&D that will ensure that AppDynamics is always on the cutting edge of Digital Transformation.”

Dom advanced quickly at AppDynamics by mastering his current role, taking on responsibilities essential to the next role, and putting in extra hours to understand the industry and perfect his sales skills.

Let’s take a look at a day in the life of Dom Steinmann.


  • Arrive at office. Dom starts his day with a big cup of coffee. Since he covers the Southern California (SoCal) territory, he has a bit of time to catch up on emails while they’re still waking up on the West Coast. According to his deskmate, Lee Cothran, Dom only eats spinach and almonds, so eating while working is pretty easy.

  • Catch up on current events. Dom has always been interested in technology, and in fact, studied MIS at Baylor University. He scrolls through LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry.


  • Gather for the PG huddle. On Monday mornings, Will May leads the sales floor in a PG (pipeline generation) pep-talk to talk through weekly goals and successful PG tactics.

  • Check-in with current leads. Dom takes some time developing current deals and leads by sending quick touchpoint messages or following up with any questions to keep the sales process moving along.

  • Knock out a couple internal meetings. Being on the Commercial Account Executive team, Dom has fewer internal meetings than most “AppDynamos.” However, he does have strategic meetings with the Solutions Engineers to help with the technical side of the sales process. (Don’t tell anyone, but Hetal Udani is Dom’s favorite Solutions Engineer. In his words, she is bright, dependable, and one of the best!)


  • Prep for customer meetings. Dom’s personal rule of thumb is to build a foundation of trust with customers. “If you can get on a texting basis with your opportunity, you’re in a good spot.” Dom discovers what a personal win looks like for the prospect and works to make it happen.

  • Check in with his manager. Josh Reeves, Regional Director of West Commercial Sales, is Dom’s manager. Dom was actually an SDR for Josh when he was an individual contributor. Josh lets his team run their own business, but he’s always present if they need help crossing the finish line.

11:00am - 6:30pm

  • Jump into customer meetings. When asking Dom about his sales methodology, he would say it “falls into AppD’s Secret Sauce.” He tries to avoid the "Spray and Pray" approach of cold-calling everyone in a company. Instead, he will take time to research companies and narrow down prospects to those he knows would benefit from what AppDynamics has to offer. Over the past two quarters, Dom has closed over half a million dollars. His average deal size is around $73k.


  • Head home. Working the SoCal territory, Dom often operates on Pacific time which means he leaves a little later in the day - sometimes with the janitors!

A rewarding moment...

Dom successfully closed a six-figure deal with a company previously using an AppDynamics competitor, but he vividly remembers this process as an uphill battle. “It was tough to convince them to replace an existing solution with a new one, especially when they had been using our competitor for years.” But with enough champion-building and demonstrated efficiency, Dom closed that deal!

A challenging moment...

Dom believes in giving 110% to any potential customer regardless of the company size or deal size. Though harmless in nature, this motto has to be applied wisely so as not to allocate time incorrectly. Dom has made the mistake of spending too much time on a deal that did not end up closing. Because of his desire to delight the customer, he missed crucial red flags and signs that this was not a promising prospect.

A proud moment...

Within a few weeks of working with the leading female-focused subscription box company, Dom helped solve issues related to the application where customers can sign-up for a subscription - a very important revenue-generating part of the business. Dom spoke to how rewarding it was to know he positively impacted the customer experience of hundreds of thousands of users, as well as of the company as a whole.

Written by Shelby Viereck. Corinne was a Fellow in the inaugural Women’s Sales Fellowship hosted by Will Reed in 2018.

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