A Day in the Life at MongoDB


Samantha’s background in film and design from Iona College might tempt you to ask why she ended up in sales, but after hearing her story, there is no question sales is exactly where she is supposed to be. Following her graduation, Robert Half approached her about joining their sister company, The Creative Group, which provides creative staffing services. Not one to miss out on an opportunity for success, Samantha took the job as an Account Manager, and soon found herself in Austin, Texas expanding The Creative Group’s presence.

Not long after her move, an SDR Manager with MongoDB caught wind of the Jersey-native. He boldly reached out and asked her to take a step back into a Sales Development Representative role with MongoDB, knowing she would bring success to his team. Even though databases were outside of Samantha’s wheelhouse, she was sold on MongoDB’s big picture vision and the impact they were having. She took the role, and proving her SDR manager’s instinct correct, she achieved 180% of her quota. Within three months, she was promoted to Cloud Account Manager where she became the top-performing global rep for back-to-back quarters. Only six months later, Samantha was promoted to the Account Executive role, where she has been thriving.

Samantha is incredibly motivated to perform with excellence, be an expert at whatever she does, and hit any goal thrown her way. Let’s take a look at a day in the life of Samantha Fiorenzo.

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  • Arrive at office. Samantha is a think-smarter and work-harder kind of woman. So, the second she is in the office, she is on the move and the day is underway.

  • Gear up with the Daily Focus. Samantha kick-starts her days with a MongoDB tactic called the Daily Focus, where she lays out her day from start to finish. At the top of the list she writes, “I need to do this ASAP”. At the bottom of the list, she answers “What can I do to get ahead of the curve?" Samantha’s schedule may vary, but starting here every morning guarantees a successful day.   


  • Start Team Power Hour. Her team comes together for an hour of phone time. She loves the energy this brings to the floor in the morning, and it’s a great chance to catch clients before their days get going.


  • PG check-in. Samantha splits her pipeline generation (PGs Sessions) into two, focusing on two new accounts daily and scheduling anywhere from five to ten touches per prospect. She keeps her sales process very organized and clear, making it easy to know the checkpoints she needs to do every day.

  • Check out Google Alerts, Indeed Alerts & Crunchbase Updates. Samantha may have an SDR team fielding inbounds for her, but she’s not one to leave her success up to someone else. She uses Indeed alerts for new companies building on MongoDB and Crunchbase for new funding or up-and-coming orgs with use cases that make sense for MongoDB.

11:00am – 4:00pm

  • Hit the ground running. When asking Samantha about her sales methodology, she said the beauty of MongoDB is that she’s not locked into one kind of process. They have guidelines as a company around a value-based sale (i.e. Command of the Message and MEDDPICC), but she is allowed to experiment with her outreach and find what works best for her. Samantha discovered her success comes from generating a high-volume pipeline that she has researched thoroughly. This discipline takes time and effort, which means most of her day is spent generating pipeline or in meetings with clients.

  • Look ahead. Samantha always spends part of her day looking ahead at the next few quarters opportunities and renewals, which allows her to plan for future success.


  • Team Power Hour. Her team comes together for another hour of phone time. It’s a great energy boost for the end of the day, and encourages her team to catch those clients they might have missed earlier in the day.


  • Clean up and follow up. Samantha takes time to send out any emails or materials she promised a client earlier in the day.

  • Head home. Another day under her belt, Samantha heads home at a decent time... unless it is end of quarter! 

A challenging moment...

Samantha told us the story of a unique partnership deal she handled, and it takes the cake as her most challenging moment to date. MongoDB's typical buyer persona sits in a technical role, and she typically is selling a product. This deal was not over a particular product, but over MongoDB as a business, and it required her to win over almost every stakeholder in the company, including the Chief Marketing, Revenue, Technology, and Alliances Officer. (Challenging might be an understatement.)

However, Samantha was never discouraged. She knew landing this deal would pay off big time for MongoDB in the long run, and it has. Samantha believed in what she was selling and refused to miss out on this partnership.

A proud moment...

Samantha knows the value of building strong relationships with her clients. There was a company she was working with that was only using MongoDB’s free software for their SaaS platform, but shipping their paid Enterprise version on-premise through other customers, which meant she could not personally bring in any revenue from them.

Their CTO even promised her that they’d never spend a dime on their own with MongoDB.

Even with that, she spent months measuring added value and showing the huge return that the company would see from their investment with MongoDB. The team held strong and still didn’t want to spend.

However, when the time came at the end of the quarter, Samantha knew she needed them to go all-in with MongoDB if she was going to hit her goal. Thankfully, she had built such a strong relationship with their entire team over the past few months, that all it took was a five-minute phone call to their CTO close the deal.

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Written by Corinne Caraway. Corinne was a Fellow in the inaugural Women’s Sales Fellowship hosted by Will Reed in 2018.

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