Evaluating the Full Potential of a Job Offer


You’ve done it. You’ve successfully nailed the interview process and received a job offer with an incredible company. You’ve been working toward this for weeks now, and it is time to celebrate!

But then the official offer finds its way into your hands, and all of the sudden the thoughts start racing in. Is this the right opportunity for me? Do I really want this? How do I know if I’m making the right decision?

It is always wise to evaluate a job offer before you sign, but it can also be a nerve-wracking time... often too nerve-wracking. Did you know that job transitions are ranked as one of the highest life stressors we face? This should be a fun and exciting time, but it is no surprise that someone as smart and as talented as you wants to ensure that you are making the right choice.

Let’s discuss the biggest areas of opportunity that we suggest reviewing as you make a decision regarding your next career move.

Personal Growth within the Organization

You were open to interviewing for a reason. Why was that? Write down your why… really, write it down. Often times job seekers feel as though the growth opportunity they desire is not there for them at their current company. This can mean a plethora of things to different people. Maybe there isn’t a promotion in sight, or maybe the opportunity available to you within your current company does not align with your desires and career goals. For whatever reason, you originally believed that the next best step for your career could be with another company.

Now, remember your why? How would this new job help fulfill your why? Maybe it:

  • Gets you into the size of company that you are looking for

  • Gives you the opportunity to sell a product you are more passionate about

  • Has a clear-cut career trajectory that will give you the opportunity to move up into your dream job shortly

  • Challenges you to do something new and expand your skill set

The Full Compensation Package

There are a lot of factors to consider these days when it comes to the compensation package that you are offered. It is not as black and white as the salary figure listed on a piece of paper.

Here are some key things to discuss with your potential new employer so that you can have the full picture of the financial opportunity being presented to you.

  • On Target Earning (OTE) Potential - How are current sales reps in this position performing? Is the OTE outlined for you attainable? How much can you expect to make in your first year given the ramp period?

  • 401K - Does this company offer a 401K match? What does that look like? What is their vesting period?

  • Insurance - What is this company’s health insurance plan? Frequently, in the technology industry, we are seeing more and more companies cover 100% of healthcare costs. This can add literally thousands of dollars in hidden salary to your offer

  • Equity/Shares - Is this company offering you equity? If so, what does that look like?

Company Culture

You get to wear jeans to work, and they have beer in the fridge! That’s great, but not a good enough reason to take a job. When we’re talking about company culture, we’re talking about the environment you will be in for 40+ hours per week.

Your employer and coworkers will have a huge influence on your quality of life, so consider these (often forgotten) things as you evaluate the company culture:

  • Did you get to spend significant time with your future boss? If so, how did those conversations go? Was there chemistry? Did you like the way that they treated those around them?

  • Same goes for your future coworkers. Did they seem to get along with each other? Was there a lot of laughter or was everyone sitting silently at their desks?  {If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask the hiring manager some pointed questions to get clarity on what the day-to-day environment is like.}

  • Look at their Glassdoor ratings!

  • What is their expectation of work/life balance? What is their vacation policy? You’re obviously a very hard worker, but it is important to have a healthy balance and be allowed the freedom to recharge when you need to.

Career Trajectory (Especially with an Industry Change)

So you are wanting to break into tech sales, huh? And you were given a job offer? That is a huge accomplishment, and you should be so proud! That being said, we know that when you make an industry change, you may have to take a step back to get to where you want to be in the long-run.

At the end of the day, don’t be spooked by an offer that has a title, responsibility level, or salary that comes in a little lower than where you are today. This is normal and is the byproduct of making the change and getting into the tech space.

Here are a few things to ask your future employer about to make sure that you are setting yourself up for success:

  • What kind of training is in place to help you ramp?

  • What is the promotion path? How does that process work? Are promotions based on time, certain milestones, or consistent performance?

  • What do you want your career to look like 5 years from now? How does this move get your closer to that goal?

Now, I know that is a lot to consider. But at the end of the day, don’t overthink this. You began interviewing for a reason. You’ve been excited enough about this particular opportunity to follow the interview process all the way through. Not to mention, they clearly thought you were a great fit, which is why you have an offer in your hands.

Most of the best things in life happen because we are willing to take a risk. Every job change is a risk; every single one. So take a minute, think things through. Make sure the most important things line up… and then make the leap.

“Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” - Frederick Wilcox