10 Rookie Sales Mistakes You May Be Making


We know a company that literally makes their salespeople wear a dunce cap if they screw up. I suppose that's one way to shame someone if they make a rookie mistake. You may not ever have to wear a dunce cap, but embarrassing yourself in front of a client is bad enough. Save yourself from blowing a deal and don't make the following rookie mistakes.

1. Not telling your manager about potential deal busting information.

2. Mispronouncing a prospect's name.

3. Re-asking a question the prospect has already previously answered.

4. Sending the wrong contract with different deal numbers.

5. Sending a stock email without updating the "Hi Name," name.

6. Sending a meeting invite with the recipient's wrong time-zone.

7. Replying-all when you didn't mean to...

8. Forgetting you had an in-person meeting and subsequently being underdressed.

9. "Guaranteeing" a deal will close only to have it blow up.

10. Having your chat window pop up during a demo.

Written by Ben Debayle. Ben was a key contributor to Will Reed’s early growth.

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