Who is in charge here?

Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are Will Reed, a tech sales recruiting company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We partners with innovative tech companies and VC-backed startups to provide the top sales talent needed to actualize growth strategies.

Currently, Will Reed is an all-female team and is leading the movement to educate high-achieving young women about the tech sales industry.

Remind me again... what is The Portfolio?

The Portfolio is a hand-selected compilation of the top 100 college women across the nation who have demonstrated leadership and key traits required to be successful in relational selling and professional communication. 

If included in The Portfolio, these top-tier tech companies and Will Reed clients will have exclusive access to your resume and the opportunity to invite you to interview in the fall upon entering your senior year of college.

Who are the Will Reed Fellows?

The Will Reed Fellows are a group of 4 top-performing college women who were hand-selected for a 10-week summer leadership program. The Portfolio happens to be their summer project!

The Fellows are trained as full-time Will Reed recruiters and also complete a tech sales bootcamp curriculum, built in partnership with sponsors and clients. Follow along with their summer here!

Does this cost me money?

No, not even a dollar! Better question: what do I gain from being a part of The Portfolio? (1) Exclusive access to the hottest tech companies, (2) hands-on interview prep and coaching and (3) early prospects for post-grad employment. 

I still have questions. Can I speak with someone?

Absolutely! Feel free to call or email the Fellow that contacted you for The Portfolio with any questions you may have.

If I got an email telling me about The Portfolio, what do I do next?

Send the woman (our Fellow!) who reached out your contact information: phone number, email, and LinkedIn profile public URL. We will give you call to explain the process, answer your questions, and get to know you.

What companies will receive my resume if I am selected?

Great question! Schedule a call with our team, and we are happy to give you the 411.