(Starting with our own)

Why do we care so dang much about early-stage founders? Early-stage founders create culture. We like working with culture makers who introduce good things to the world.

If we do our job right, the cultures we help build will be shining examples of where tech was good.

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Our Core Values Header
Core Value #1: Human


We believe everyone has a soul, deserves dignity, and has a purpose.

Core Value #2: Cultivators


We view our work as meaningful, and it’s our calling to know, support, connect, and shape culture makers.

Core Value #3: Generous


We are confident in who we are and what we do, so we’re able to live and serve from a place of abundance.

Core Value #4: Excellent


We believe greatness lives in the details beginning to end; in the big, the small, and everything in between.

Core Value #5: Extra


You asked us to bring a cake, so we brought the cake, balloons, party hats, karaoke machine, disco ball…cue the confetti 🎉!

What We Do

What We Don't Do

Create world-class recruiters

Exist for profit

Pursue excellence

Covet our teammates’ successes 

Stay connected across 3 states

Live in fear of failure 

Prioritize celebrations

Disregard rest 

Earnestly seek diversity

Practice tokenism [barf!] 

Meet Our Team.

You'll love our team as much as our candidates do.

We hire bad a**es who love building startups.