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builds human-first cultures

Why do we care so dang much about early-stage founders? Early-stage founders create culture. We like working with culture-makers who introduce good things to the world.

If we do our job right, the cultures we help build will be shining examples of where tech was good.


We are genuinely excited to
contribute beyond the scope
of our job description in the
effort to propel our business
forward; we don't just identify
the problem, we aim to actively contribute to the solution.


Our goal is simply to create
raving fans by going the extra
mile (or marathon) to serve
and delight those around us.


We understand our business
is humans: clients, candidates,
strategic partners and
co-workers. We are true to
our word.


We have a growth-mindset and embrace the grind necessary to close the gap. We hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard. We see no ceiling. We're not comfortable with bare minimum.


We work to visualize the right
outcomes and materialize them through intentional planning and execution. We want others to like working with us, because of the
way we solve problems and
seize new opportunities.

Meet Our Team.

You'll love our team as much as our candidates do.

We hire bad a**es who love building startups.